ethPay will be continued in BlockMesh

Offers for direct sales

Direct sales are suitable for situations where your customer can pay you in person.

Let's say you want to sell home-made strawberry marmalade for 2.50$ at your yard sale.

You can directly create an offer within the app by tapping 'Quick Offer' in your store overview or by tapping the flash button inside your store.

Once you've set title and price, tap 'Generate'.

Now show your customer the generated code and ask him to scan it with his phone.

Once the customer tapped 'Purchase' you get immediate feedback that your offer was accepted.

Offers you want to send or post online

You can use your generated offer to send it to your customers or post it anywhere you want. Your customers can click on the link or scan the QR code to pay for your product like above.

Offers are re-usable, which means you only need to create an offer for specific product once and customers can still use the link to buy your product after one purchase has been made.

Structure of an offer

An offer is just a special URI with information about your ethPay store and product you want to sell. This means that you can generate offers by yourself. Just make sure that your offers have the following structure:

  • the URI prefix which supports the redirection to a website if it is not opened from within a mobile device or if no suitable wallet is installed
  • 0x...ff the store address which will receive the payment of this purchase
  • 8 an arbitrary number which is stored publicly on the blockchain alongside the purchase and which can be used for categorization purposes
  • My+Product the product title which is shown to the customer
  • 3.50 and USD the price which should be payed for the product
  • pr351 is an example for additional data you can use to identify the offer, for instance you can add an internal identifier for a database lookup