After starting the app for the first time you get asked whether you already have an existing Ethereum identity or you want to use the newly generated one.

If you want to use the new identity, tap 'Use generated'.

Now you have to backup your identity, this is a very important step, if you do not backup the private key of your identity, it is impossible to retrieve the funds of it in case you lose the key!

Depending on how you want to backup the private key of this identity, you can either show its QR-code, copy it to the clipboard of your phone or send it via mail.

We recommend storing it in a secure password-manager and printing it out on paper to store it physically where only you have access to it. 

Keep in mind that if someone else gains access to this private key, he has full control over the associated identity, so make sure that only you have access to it.

After you did the backup, tap 'Verify identity backup'.

Now you need to paste the private key of the previous step. In case you've made a paper wallet from the key, you can also scan the QR-code of the private key with your camera.

Tap 'Verify' to verify the private key of your identity.

You should see a notification like this one:

Before finishing the setup you can connect your own node or request test Ether to use on our private testnetwork called 'P-ACS Network'. Please note that we send test Ether manually, so it can take up to 3 days to receive it.